Where Do I Begin?!?


My goodness where do I begin…….. I am so thankful I found Libby at Cabeca Health, my life has been forever changed.

For two years I went to conventional Dr’s to hopefully find out what my problem was, but to no avail. I had a CAT scan, Endoscope and blood work and nothing showed up on any of these test.  All the while, no diet or exercise would work for me.  For 2 months I worked out with a bodybuilder, faithfully getting up at 4:30 AM and I AM NOT a morning person and did not lose an ounce or an inch I was at my wits end. My abdomen was the size of a women 7 months pregnant and I wasn’t pregnant. Could not get rid of that hard huge stomach no matter what I did.  I had NO energy and when I did exercise I was completely drained afterward.

Until………Libby, thank God for Libby, I made an appointment and me just telling her my list of symptoms she told me she was sure I had an overgrowth of Candida yeast, and my adrenal glands were not working properly.  She ordered blood work that conventional Dr’s DO NOT order and sure enough she was right. She also said if I would do what she told me that the problem with my abdomen would go away. She didn’t say lets try this and see, she didn’t say maybe this will work, instead she said it WOULD take care of my problem.  Libby was so right on again.

My life is completely different, I followed the diet she told me about and she also said I could not cheat. For me that was unheard of, at 49 I had never been on a diet that I didn’t cheat until this one. Not once did cheat because I trusted what Libby said, almost 40 lbs later I am living proof this is a real problem and finding the right Dr. is imperative.

I can not thank Dr. Cabeca and Libby enough for helping me on this journey to a healthy and better me. I also have to mention Sharon, the office manager, she was there for me when I needed her and when I had a questions or when I just needed a little motivation. She was such a wonderful support, while on this journey.

Have a great year and thanks again for helping me to have my best year yet.

– Melissa

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