What is Sexual Dysfunction?


Sexual dysfunction affects millions of couples, and can be destructive to your self esteem as well as the intimate bond in a relationship. When couples begin to have problems within their relationships, trouble in the bedroom is one of the most common complaints and sources of stress.

Sexual dysfunction can manifest in several ways. Basically, there are four distinct areas of sexual functioning that can go awry: A lack of interest in sex, having interest but being unable to achieve arousal, lacking adequate vaginal lubrication, and being unable to achieve orgasm. All of these problems can seriously disrupt your sex life, which can in turn disrupt your entire relationship.

Treating sexual dysfunction involves looking into three key areas of the patient’s overall health. Medical health, for example, can affect your sex life. There may be a hormone imbalance, diet and exercise concerns, pain from childbirth, or other physical trauma that is impacting you sexually.

Also, emotional health is another key element to sexual health. There are many different ways that your emotional state can affect your sex life, and emotional healing can make an enormous difference in treating sexual dysfunction. This is not to say, “It’s all in your head”, because that is not the issue here. The truth is that the mind/body link is indeed very powerful, and to treat many physical problems we need to start with emotional or psychological healing.

The last key area that can impact your sex life is the health of the relationship. Sexual dysfunction can be just as much a symptom of relationship problems as it is sometimes  the cause. They really do go hand-in-hand much of the time, so treating sexual dysfunction can involve treating the couple’s relationship as a whole.

Luckily, sexual dysfunction is treatable. By paying attention to the importance of the problem, you have taken the first step to solving it. Before long you can get your sex life on track again, and enjoy those great intimate bonds you have been missing in your relationship.

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