Transformations, hormones and guacamole!

Just a quick note today as I know we are all scampering around to attend to our holiday “to do’s”.

Please just make sure that one of those “to do’s” continues to be a healthy focus on YOU.

Today I’m talking about all sorts of delicious information: Transformations, hormones and guacamole!

We recently completed an amazing, inspiring and transforming 7 week Magic Menopause program! A huge congratulations and love to all my graduates and their families and friends who have supported them! It’s been a heartwarming time for me even among the challenges of losing my home temporarily due to the hurricane!

Meet one beautiful transformation

I wanted to share just one Magic Menopause transformation with you: Meet Rikki Bradley…I am so very proud of her.

Like many of you, Rikki just wanted to feel better. She had had long time pain due to an earlier neck and shoulder injury.

She lacked energy each and every day, yet still…wasn’t able to sleep well! She suffered from brain fog and wished she wasn’t so moody and anxious.

She also suffered from menstrual pain. The Magic Menopause program caught her eye; she signed up and she just hoped for the best.

Sound familiar?

Doesn’t this sound like many of us?

I know I was once there, with brain fog and no energy. And definitely a sense of being disconnected and uninterested in things – and people – in my life.

Different injury perhaps (mine was more mental because of PTSD), but other very similar symptoms that many of us experience each day.

Well I am honored to tell you that Rikki’s path through the 7 week program was full of learnings, self-discoveries and healthy successes. She embraced a more positive and alkaline lifestyle which fueled so many good changes in her life. Her stress management improved, she reconnected with her husband and she even lost inches.

Congrats to all of the Magic Menopause community!

What was the key to Rikki’s – and other Magic Menopause students’ success?

I would definitely say that while the science and instruction is top of the line, it’s also the community and friendly accountability. It is difficult to stick to even the best program available without having a built-in support system. It is so rewarding to share your moment of alkalinity or ketosis with your fellow participants.

At this time of year it is especially important to be thankful. I am thankful for these wonderful women allowing me in a small part of their life.

I hope you will join us for the next one!


Dr. Anna Recommends:

Sharing My Pearls of Gynecology Wisdom with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald!

So excited about my interview airing earlier this week with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald. You can watch it here.


Dr. Kara’s questions were wide-ranging and our conversation so insightful. From the best lab tests for hormone assessment…to the benefits of vaginal DHEA in addressing vaginal dryness and incontinence…to the best approach to address weight loss resistance…all the issues women face in the perimenopause.

I hope you’ll listen in.

Just a few of the highlights of our talk:

  • The best lab tests and specimens for hormone assessment
  • Hormone testing pitfalls
  • Estrogen metabolites and the importance of methylation assessment
  • The sweet spot of keto-alkaline status for sex hormone balance, cortisol management, mental clarity, insulin sensitivity and weight loss (target pH of 7, and some ketones 3+ days per week)
  • The benefits of using vaginal hormones (testosterone and DHEA) for tissue repair and incontinence
  • Addressing vaginal dryness with safe oils and DHEA, diet and lifestyle

Meet Dr. Kara!

Dr. Kara is on the faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine and is an IFM Certified Practitioner. Additionally she is the lead author and editor of Case Studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is a knowledgeable expert on many aspects of functional medicine and has also written on methylation.

Looking forward to having Dr. Kara as a guest on my Couch Talk show in the very near future!

Please listen in to Dr. Kara and I! You’ll learn a lot in this informative conversation!

Mighty Maca Guacamole – Bring to Your Next Holiday Party!

Delicious! And so healthy…enjoy it!

Remember to take care of YOU this holiday season…

Oh…and don’t run out of your Mighty Maca during the holiday craziness! You can even become a VIP subscriber and save on every order (which is shipped to you automatically and for free* yeh!)…learn more here!


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