Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try! (Harness your brain’s power!)

Here is a wonderful interview that I absolutely want you to take the time to watch! You will love this!

There are few people that I regard with the high level of respect I have for Dr. Srini Pillay. Maybe it is the authentic and caring way he solves problems and shares solutions; maybe it’s his humbleness, whatever it is, he is an extraordinary man, physician and teacher.

You will discover ways to open up your gifts through your unconscious mind and harness your potential and possibilities.

Srini Pillay and Dr. Cabeca

Another fascinating interview with one of my favorite mentors!

Get out of brain overdrive mode and activate a more thriving you!

In our Couch Talk interview, Dr. Srini talks about how to tap into the power of your brain…here are just a few of the topics he covers in both the interview and his new book, “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try“:

The importance of “positive constructive daydreaming”

Just how important are the moments of inward thought you experience while walking the dog, doing your gardening, knitting, etc.? VERY, according to Dr. Srini. These moments increase your creativity and recharge your brain. And most importantly, they get your brain OUT OF OVERDRIVE mode.

But daydreaming needs to be planned! It is the difference in planning to jump off a cliff with a parachute versus falling off the cliff by slipping. One is fun and beneficial, the other is not! Listen to him talk more about this very important – and easy – exercise you can implement in your life.

Doodling, dabbling and tinkering – activate a different part of your brain! 

How many of you like to color? It’s actually good for your brain!

Research has shown that activities such as doodling while listening to a presentation actually improve people’s memory of the presentation material.

Listen to the stories about the many famous scientists who accomplished amazing scientific works and inventions through the act of tinkering.

Tinkering and dabbling are simply “trying” and “discovering”! So many of us don’t spend time on this type of thinking and experimentation…we just conform and think in linear thought. 

Attention deficit – the brain in “overdrive mode”?

There are resources outside of medication – within the brain – that can help people who focus too much or too little. In particular focusing too much exhausts the brain, and puts it in overdrive mode. There are ways to get out of that mode and tap into something called attention recycling. Research has shown that “rough and tumble” play, for example, actually can free up the brain and improve attention. 

Hear what happens when a laptop was dropped into a remote area of Ethiopia!

Kids who had never seen a laptop, and were given no instructions, but who were left free to discover did amazing things (can you say, “Android hack”?)

Listen to how our beliefs about aging influence our brain (and in fact, age us!)

If we believe in negative stereotypes our brain conforms to those beliefs. Isn’t this something I am always saying? Hear more in the interview…

And Dr. Srini has so much more to share…I strongly recommend his new book!

Purchase his new book, “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try” which focuses on the importance of DISCOVERY… the need to explore, experiment and tap into your brain’s amazing creativity and power. You can read more about his book at the link…it will make you think in a different manner…it will help you tap into the 98% of your brain you currently don’t use.

More about Dr. Srini

He is a superstar of neuroscience. You absolutely must listen to this interview, just so excellent and fascinating. He has over 17 years of experience in brain imaging and has an international reputation as a human behavior expert with special emphasis on stress and anxiety.

Srini is a world renowned Harvard Psychiatrist, a brain expert and he is the award winning author of the excellent book, Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear. He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Invited Faculty at Harvard Business School.

Srini is also the founder and CEO of Neuro Business Group, voted one of the top twenty movers and shakers in leadership development in the world and is noted for his uncanny ability to translate complex brain science into usable tips.

He is wildly sought out by the media and has been featured on the Dr. Laura Bergman Show, on Oprah radio, Martha Stewart whole living, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Fox News, The New York Times, and numerous other media outlets.

PURCHASE Dr. Srini’s new book here

Take a fun quiz on Psychological Traps here!

Listen to my previous interview with Dr. Srini regarding PTSD, trauma and resilience, here

And let me know what YOU do to tinker, dabble, doodle and try!

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