This SYYT program has been so transformative for me

I so wanted to contribute some testimony, as this SYYT program has been so transformative for me.

1 before starting the SYYT program my biggest challenges were headaches, hot flashes, poor sleep, gas, bloating, mood swings and general ‘hopeless about life’ outlook.

2. Anna and Robins teaching style supported me by focussing on what is working, by being available throughout the day as questions came up, by their expertise in their fields, by their obvious passion for what they do, and by their empathy.

3. The info provided was comprehensive and helpful. I am a person who does a lot of reading and studying about health, yet I learned so much more. I feel like I have the energy, motivation, and all the tools I need to move forward and continue to thrive.

4. Since beginning the program, I have noticed changes both large and small. No more hot flashes! No more headaches! More even mood! Clearer skin, better relationships, I had the support to let go of habits that weren’t serving me, and maybe best of all I feel hopeful and excited about my future again. I thought that was lost forever.

5. I received the tools that helped me to be successful, namely grace from Dr Anna and Robins “up beat you can do it” attitudes, help with changing my diet, instruction and support with changing my daily habits, amino acid /hormone/ and neurotransmitter support (which I knew nothing about before starting the program), personal one on one support to tweak my personal program, and the support of a caring group of peers. I guess the key word here is “support”.

Lisa Renard

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