This man could save your life

Are you as horrified as I am to see what’s happening to our food?

There’s somebody I want you to meet. His name is John Robbins. The co-founder of The Food Revolution Summit.

John’s dad and his uncle founded the 31 flavors “Baskin Robbins” company, and John was groomed to run it. He even grew up with an ice cream cone shaped swimming pool in his backyard!

But he completely walked away from that legacy to follow his own “rocky road”, and went on to become one of the world’s foremost leaders in the healthy food movement.

John’s books have inspired millions. And now he and his son, Ocean Robbins, are launching one of the most important food events ever.

Check out the 2015 Food Revolution Summit

It’s become a chemical nightmare of pesticides and artificial ingredients.

largeNow is the time to show the food industry that we won’t swallow any more toxic lies.

Join the food revolution here

Without a revolution, we’re left in the hands of companies like Monsanto and McDonald’s, who have spent tens of millions of dollars in recent years trying to stop anything that would interfere with their relentless pursuit of profits.

Think they care about our health? No way. Their bottom line is green, all right. But when your health is gone, you can’t eat money!

If you care about your health and the health of your planet, and if you want to know how certain foods can make the difference between disease and vitality, I invite you to join me for a game-changing online event: The 2015 Food Revolution Summit.

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