They provided information and skills that will last a lifetime.


Susan TessmanParticipating in the SYY program has changed my life for the better in multiple ways and I’m very grateful to Dr. Anna and Robin for their expertise and dedication to helping women achieve their health goals and reclaim their vitality! I have struggled for literally decades with hormone imbalances (hypothyroidism, endometriosis, fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, adrenal fatigue), digestive issues, chronic pain and even brain fog and mild mood disorders like anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. I had seen many different alternative health practitioners in pursuit of reclaiming my health and although they all made some good inroads, I kept relapsing back into my symptoms, or developing new ones as I got older. The SYY program taught me how important it was to address food sensitivities and a clean, nutritious diet as a foundation for any ill health and disease prevention, and other lifestyle practices to support and optimize health. Dr. Anna and Robin coach and educate clients through making the changes and minimizing the stress. They provided information and skills that will last a lifetime. They go the extra mile to tailor programs, testing, and supplements to your specialized needs and truly encourage your health recovery journey to success. I learned so much about myself and my body and what their program did for so many women that I was inspired to make a change in my own life by beginning training to become a nutritional and wellness practitioner. I can’t say how many people have spontaneously told me in the last few months how good I look and how happy I seem, now that I’ve detoxed and begun healing my body at a deeper level – physically and emotionally – and am feeling excited with life again. Thank you for your education, dedication, and inspiration, dynamic duo ; )

Susan Tessman

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