They make learning fun and are there to support you.

Working with Robin & Dr. Anna has created a new awareness for me about what I am doing to and for my body. They hold a wealth of knowledge that they love sharing with you so that you can make better educated decisions about your health and your future.

I started working with them because I was in a “funk” that I just could not seem to get out of. I have exercised most of my life and ate healthy, or so I & everybody else thought. As a result of working with these ladies I have taken that to a new level. I have become very aware of what I am putting into my body and how it makes me feel, but not to the point of being obsessive. I realize the benefits of a good nights sleep! And the importance of balancing my hormones in a natural way. Good health does not just happen, it is something you make happen.

They make learning fun and are there to support you. They work with you, not only on a physical level with testing, but also on an emotional & spiritual level. Those are the missing pieces that I do not get from my regular PCP.
I have developed a lot of new habits this past year that I know are here to stay. I continue to learn and grow as I work with them towards creating a Sexy Younger Me.

Gail Koula

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