The Single Word That is Stealing Your Future

Over the past few weeks, I shared with you ways to promote healthy breasts!

OK, that statement sounds funny… I believe there’s a whole industry that does that… let me rephrase…

I have shared how to make our breasts healthier!

OK, I am having trouble with wording here. You get the point!

In my last email I invited you to listen in to my free “Feel Good, Look Good Secrets for the Woman Over 35: Why You’re Feeling Fat, Fatigued and Frumpy, and How to Feel Fabulous Again!”

Plus, I gave you a special code AMAZINGLIFE to get my Women’s Restorative Health Bootcamp for $400 off in honor of all the women who have struggled/fought breast cancer.

I encouraged you, actually insisted that you listen to Mary Ann’s story and send prayers out to her and others who have or have struggled with cancer.

I encourage you to take action today and not wait til tomorrow.

How many books have you bought on weight loss, fitness, health or motivation — that you read, put down and said “I’ll get started on that tomorrow…?”

Or maybe you tried a few of the suggestions, but then after a few weeks your attention petered out and you returned to your old ways, telling yourself “I’ll try again tomorrow, or maybe next week.”

Tomorrow is a dangerous word, a saboteur, because (as we all know) it never arrives. All we ever have is today.

This means that if you’re serious about making significant and lasting changes to your health and life, you have to make a decision to do something about it starting TODAY.

That’s why I created my “Feel Good, Look Good Secrets for the Woman Over 35: Why You’re Feeling Fat, Fatigued and Frumpy, and How to Feel Fabulous Again!”

I encourage you to listen, enjoy and take good notes!  I want every woman to have this information TODAY!

On this webjam, I share:

  • 5 obstacles to achieving optimal health
  • The TRUE underlying causes behind your symptoms
  • How conventional treatments for these symptoms often mask the problems rather than fix them
  • The most common type of hormonal imbalance that I see in my practice every day, and how to identify if you have it
  • 7 ways to balance your hormones to lose the moodiness, clear your brain, and have more energy
  • 6 steps you can take right now to make an immediate impact on how you feel
  • How you can get step-by-step support from me as you transform your health in my 7 week Women’s Restorative Health Boot Camp

Thank you for watching, listening and sharing the gold nuggets you get!

Wishing you a Vida Pura,

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG, ABAARM

P.S. I know times are tough so I’ve made this course as affordable for you and you have one week left to get my $497 program for only $97!  Use the code AMAZINGLIFE!

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