The Psychology of Sexual Dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction often has deep psychological roots. This is not to say those afflicted by sexual dysfunction are imagining everything; it just means that our beliefs and attitudes truly do affect our reality. There are most certainly physical causes for the disorder as well, since often sexual dysfunction in an individual is caused by several different factors which interact to produce the difficulty. Treating sexual dysfunction is definitely a multi-faceted approach, but understanding the deeply held emotional reactions of a patient toward sex can be the key to unlocking their difficulties in the bedroom.

Sexual dysfunction can often be traced back to a patient’s upbringing. Religion and culture play a very important role in defining who we are as we develop, and those raised in very strict religious families, or in cultures with punitive attitudes toward sex, often suffer from problems related to sexual functioning in adulthood. If we hold a very deep-set belief that what we are doing is wrong or dirty, then how can we possibly find enjoyment in that activity? If sex has always been associated in the mind with deviant behavior or punishment, it will be difficult to engage in sexual activities without a deep sense of guilt and shame – let alone actually enjoy it. For victims of sexual abuse, these beliefs can be particularly hard-wired and damaging. It is important to seek therapy and heal from past events, and learn to accept sex as a loving and nurturing behavior rather than a traumatic and abusive experience.

Treating sexual dysfunction often involves confronting these beliefs and changing attitudes toward sex so that it is viewed in a positive light, as a reflection of the love and intimate bond between a couple. These beliefs can function as an emotional wall in your relationship, separating you both psychologically and physically from your partner. My Sexual CPR course will give you all the tools you need to tear down that wall once and for all, and embark upon a journey of redisovery together as a couple.

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