Thank You For Giving Me My Life Back!


Dear Dr. Cabeca,

When I first came to your office, I asked god if this was His will by saying to Him, “If it is your will Father, you’ll play Christian music at this doctors office.” And of course you did, so this was the first answer to prayer.

I then followed your program (and I was considered a health nut) and changed my diet to what you suggested. You also healed my ‘crazy’ hormones, thyroid, and vitamin D level. I had been praying for a life outside of work because it seemed that I just worked and recuperated on my days off then returned to work. – Not much of a life. I needed energy.

Well let me tell you just some of the things I’m doing now that I haven’t in 10-20 yrs.!!

I have a horse and used to ride over 10 yrs ago. I had a Fusion L4, L5 and just quit riding and I never felt like trying to ride again. Well after 10 years, I’m riding my horse “Monkee”, and getting her ready for my grands to ride! (That’s another miracle answered to prayer!)

I used to jog, in my 20’s and felt so free, strong, and energized. (I usually just do aerobics from DVD’s, lately from ‘Faithful Workouts’ on NRB (the Christian network), So guess what, I’m jogging now and my back is tolerating it! Another miracle and answer to prayer!

I’ve also started attending bible study I love. Before I didn’t feel like going anywhere outside of work. Also my hormones are beginning to work again, which can save marriages especially with husbands who seem to have elevated testosterone. I’m on your Vitamins, the Maca Greens, the Pura D Cleanse milkshakes, and the gluten free diet.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for giving my life back to me! You are an answer from God!



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