Thank You For Changing My Life!


My name is Becky. I am 41 years old, married and a mother to four wonderful children. I began my weight loss journey in February 2012. I weighed 201 pounds and I felt terrible. I had been taking medicines for acid reflux for over two years, which was a direct result of being overweight. I hated how I looked, felt and who I had become. I had given up! I had no energy and no motivation. I even told a coworker, “I know I am fat and I don’t care. I love to eat and I am not ready to give up food and put in the work, so I will just be fat.” When I would get home from work, I would collapse on the bed and do nothing. I was unhealthy, unhappy and I kept telling myself that I did not care.

In January, some teachers at my school put together a Biggest Loser competition. By then I was sick of myself, so I entered. I lost four pounds the first month. Then I went in for my annual exam with Dr. Cabeca and my life was forever changed.

I explained my fatigue, achy joints and nagging reflux problems to Dr. Cabeca. She put me on a detox regime in preparation for the weight loss program. At first, I thought it was unnecessary, but I was so wrong. Not only did the detox help to rid my body of toxins, it was the perfect way to get my body ready for my new way of eating.

I will not lie it wasn’t easy. It was hard to eat just 500 calories a day when I was used to eating anything and everything I wanted. What helped the most was setting small attainable 5-pound goals, which allowed me to celebrate my successes often. Two weeks after first beginning my weight loss journey, I was finally weighing in the 180’s, and I was so excited. I hadn’t been out of the 190’s in almost two years. I suddenly found it easier to not open the refrigerator. When I would get hungry, I would do a little housework, go outside or simply go to sleep.

One evening after dinner, my husband asked me to take a walk around the neighborhood. When I weighed in the next morning, I had lost 3 pounds. Imagine how thrilled I was. So, every night after that I walked. At first, it was just a mile, then two, and finally I was walking four to five miles almost every day and the weight was falling off. At the end of my first weight loss cycle, I weighed 173 pounds and was taking my acid reflux meds only two to three days a week.

During a six-week break, I was able to drop another ten pounds. I increased my calorie intake to 1200 and I was eating clean. No dairy, little to no bread and I had given up sodas and sweet tea. I was still walking and adding in running. I started throwing football with my boys and I had so much more energy.

When I began my second weight loss cycle, I weighed 166 pounds. It wasn’t difficult at all to slip back into the 500-calorie routine and I was able to completely go off my acid reflux meds. Today I weigh 150 pounds. I feel energetic and I love trying on clothes, I used to hate that. I love how much easier it is move and just breathe. I have started running and just recently ran my first 5K, completing it in 39 minutes and I actually ran the entire thing. I have never felt better.

I am so grateful to Dr. Cabeca, her detox/weight loss program and her amazing staff. I always leave Dr. Cabeca’s office feeling more motivated and excited than when I go in. I have my life back and my children have their mother back. I am so thankful for the second chance to live my life to the fullest.

Gratefully yours,

Becky T.

P.S. …and by the way, I won the Biggest Loser at my school. Thank you Dr. Cabeca!!!

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