Taking the heat out of hot flashes!

As a gynecologist and women’s sexual health expert I have heard a lot about how impacting hot flashes can be.
They can embarrass you (if you let them!). They can make you uncomfortable. And they can make you feel a little less than the “Hot Mama” you really are!

But hot flashes are a natural part of menopause, and they are the most frequently reported negative symptom women experience during this time (1).  Hot flashes usually show up in our 40’s and 50’s; when …

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Overcoming trauma: helping others recover from chaos and hopelessness

Cleaning up after the hurricane and subsequent flooding has been difficult for so many.
Initially, after traumas like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, or after loss of a loved one or an accident, the outpouring of love and attention is immediate.
But often, this outpouring of support fades quickly…
And it is important to remember that people need you to reach out to them as time wears on. They may not ask for help. Actually they likely won’t. But you need to help. And you need …

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Summer distractions, empty nest…loss of intimacy?

OK, anyone else having trouble keeping in their groove this summer?

True, I was away from home for a month…
Ahh, yes, Barcelona!  
I just loved Barcelona, my coffee on the balcony in the morning, and wine at night, with the sun setting around 10 pm in the distance.
The lively sounds of music, chatter and camaraderie below… as I thought, “I may just go down and join them“…and sometimes we did but more often my internal chatter would say, “I still have to …

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The health benefit of seeing sunrises and sunsets! SLEEP better

Do you get 7-9 hours of sleep each night?
Or do you experience the dread of insomnia…tossing and turning, or falling to sleep only to wake up in the middle of the night…and then staring at the clock until the morning! Total misery, and not only can it make you cranky, but it can impact your overall health.
I hope you caught the recent guest blog here on my website on “the ultimate cure for insomnia”. My friends at Mind Valley Academy wrote the article …

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Put more Oxytocin into your life for a healthier you

So many lifestyle considerations beyond just diet can impact your health. Sometimes you need to spend a bit of time (and play detective) to figure out what is going on.
Hormone imbalance and many of the challenges women experience in perimenopause or menopause (including packing on the pounds and having trouble getting rid of belly fat) can often be traced back to too much cortisol.
And did you know that too much cortisol impacts your blood sugar levels? And it is your blood sugar levels …

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Alkalinity, pH Balance & Designing the Optimal Keto-Alkaline Diet

“Your blood becomes more acidic when you eat all that meat!” the interviewee said, and I almost pulled off the road in consternation.
I was driving recently, listening to a well-known nutrition expert talk about an alkaline diet’s many benefits. I found myself nodding in agreement until she delved into murky – OK, completely inaccurate – science about an overly acidic diet wrecking your blood pH.
Often well intended, confusion and outright misinformation surround pH-balanced diets. As a medical doctor who often prescribes keto-alkaline …

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JJ Virgin: The Miracle Mindset (will you become the victim or fight?)

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with my good friend JJ Virgin about her new book, Miracle Mindset. Listen to our interview (and get your free gift from JJ, below, as well)!

JJ and I go back a long way! Our lives have been intertwined for over a decade now, and for that I am incredibly grateful.
Miracle Mindset is about a huge tragedy in JJ’s life, when her 16-year-old son Grant was in a brutal hit-and-run car accident and …

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Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo – “Do you know YOUR blood sugar Sweetspot?”

On today’s Couch Talk I had a great interview with a very dear friend – and amazing holistic practitioner – Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo.
She is the first functional doctor I ever followed and I have been on her newsletter list ever since I first heard of her. She is so knowledgeable and I learn something from her every time we talk. I also love that we both abide by the mantra that people need to “test…and not guess!” relating to their health.

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Are you as overwhelmed as I am right now?

Are you as overwhelmed as I am right now?
If so, here’s how NOT to live in DISTRESS!
This article contains 3 sections of information:

An explanation of how chronic, everyday stress creates “adrenal dysfunction” (sometimes referred to as adrenal fatigue) and what that does to your health.
Lifestyle changes and supplements that can reverse the fatigue caused by adrenal dysfunction.
Self-testing that you must do.

There are good stresses and bad stresses and really we need stress just not distress!
Your body routinely …

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Beauty from the inside out

Have you ever struggled with your skin, or did an episode of stress or chronic stress give you some breakouts or acne? Has your skin care routine been a constant string of unending products…none of which really worked?
Have you had any patchy areas, hives or itching?
Dealing with an upsurge in stress can really create problems with your skin, as can all the environmental toxins we are all exposed to each day. Did you know that it is estimated that before we leave our house in …

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