[Male Menopause? Say it ain’t so!] Restore youthful levels of health & well-being!

Many people commented on last week’s ezine with my list of libido-boosting foods and my brother’s article on chocolate (at that same link)… and yes, several of you even tried some of his delicious and decadent chocolate recipes.
A few of you scolded me saying “aphrodisiacs” alone won’t bring back one’s youthful playfulness (I totally agree, there are a lot of lifestyle decisions that affect hormone health and thus one’s sexual health and libido).
And others said that a lack of libido in your relationship …

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Trolls and oxytoxin…a love letter from Dr. Anna

I wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, but you caught me watching my absolutely favorite movie of the year… Trolls!
Why Trolls?
I will tell you below, but first here is my idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day this year.
Dr. Anna’s Single Mom’s Valentine’s Day Wish!
What I wish for:
Breakfast in bed with a mimosa! 🙂 Poached eggs, smoked salmon with capers and onions, an espresso, and yes a Mighty Maca shot, too! Then…
…hugs and kisses…
and the kiddos get …

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Estrogen versus Androgen – Do you know your body’s secrets?

Today I want to talk about something every woman should know about, because all women have it and many women use it…but few really understand it.
I’m talking about estrogen.
Now if you’ve been reading my last several blogs (check them out if you’ve missed them…they focus on hormones and each blog also contains a simple to understand/quick video…I’ve also posted the videos below), you know that our estrogen hormones fluctuate during our cycles and works with and responds to our other hormones as well.

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Why DHEA is optimal for vaginal dryness, pain and pelvic health

I recently wrote this very detailed article on why the natural hormone DHEA is a superior treatment option for vaginal atrophy and menopause symptoms in women. I used DHEA when developing my new restorative feminine vulvar cream, Julva, because of its tremendous vaginal health benefits and safety.
I think you will find the article informative…and it may help you immensely.

Please feel free to provide the link to this article to your friends, loved ones and/or patients. Practitioners may link to it in their …

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Got Hormone Balance?

If… thyroid issues, hormones, Fat-igue, Inflam-aging, menopause, mental-pause, men-on-pause is disrupting your life then you don’t want to miss a free webinar on how to get your hormone balance back!
Millions of women suffer with hormone and menopausal symptoms.
We suffer silently with quality of life impacting symptoms…or just aren’t heard.
We do live in a different era than our parents and grandparents and this is effecting us.

When age 48 hit for me…BOOM! Everything changed.
My body exploded in weight, plus I was …

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