Avoid food-poisoning when entertaining outdoors!

As summer starts to sizzle…and you find yourself cooking and eating outside with family and friends, one scary fact could ruin your day.
Did you know bacteria related food poisoning peaks in summer months?
All of those fun BBQ and picnic gatherings can mean food preparation is a little more lax than usual.
I’m sure you’ve seen OTHERS doing things like this (not YOU of course):

Not adequately refrigerating perishable foods (do you have any idea how cold that huge cooler you have full …

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Hover or cover? Public restrooms – should you be concerned?

I travel a good deal and am often confronted with that feeling of dread that most women display when needing to use a public toilet. Ewww!
You enter the restroom, scanning the environment to assess just how dirty it might be. Then you typically pick the stall at the far end thinking it will be more private or less utilized (research confirms this!), push open the door with a grimace on your face, hoping for the best.
Often-times you’ll find an unflushed toilet, used …

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