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One of my specialties is helping women balance their hormones so they can feel better, look younger, and even lose weight.

How do you know if YOUR hormones are out of whack?

Well, a sure sign is if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Your mood changes unpredictably or you’re depressed
  • You’ve gained weight over the years and it’s extremely hard to lose (diet and exercise don’t do the trick like they once did)?
  • You’re tired most of the time and you use caffeine or sugar to help you get through the day
  • You experience sleep problems such as difficulty getting to sleep or waking up in the wee hours of the night
  • Your interest in sex is lackluster (or nonexistent)?
  • Your mind feels hazy or scattered and you have difficulty concentrating?
  • You’re experiencing obvious hormonal issues such as PMS or hot flashes

When I see a patient in my practice with any constellation of these symptoms, I know we’ve got some “hormone work” to do. I also know there are probably some baseline nutritional and other lifestyle factors that we need to work on too.

Because the foundational fixes to these issues are the same for all women, I created a mini course so I can teach you the KEY tips I have learned about getting rid of these annoying hormone-related symptoms. I invite you to learn from me on a no-cost teleclass I’m hosting next week:

“Feel Good, Look Good Secrets for the Woman Over 35: ?Why You’re Feeling Fat, Fatigued and Frumpy and How ?to Feel FABULOUS Again!”

FR*EE Teleclass with Women’s Health Expert Dr. Anna Cabeca?

Tuesday, April 26 at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern

Reserve your spot here:

(Be sure to register to receive the recording even if you can’t make the live call.)

On the teleclass, you’ll learn:

  • 5 obstacles to achieving optimal health (and how you can overcome them)?
  • The true underlying causes behind your symptoms?
  • How conventional treatments for these symptoms often mask the problems rather than fix them?
  • The most common type of hormonal imbalance that I see in my practice every day, and how to identify if you have it?
  • 7 ways to balance your hormones to lose the moodiness, clear your brain, and have more energy?
  • 6 steps you can take right now to make an immediate impact on how you feel?
  • And much, much more…

Ladies, please don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn my secrets to regaining the vitality of your youth. I’m so happy to share them with you because I believe all women deserve to live with optimal health and vitality. Do it for yourself, and do it for your family. They want to see you live this way too!

Here’s that link again:

To your health,

Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG, ABAARM

P.S. It’s easy to think that these symptoms are just a part of normal aging, but they aren’t. If your hormones are balanced and your body healthy, there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t have abundant energy, a svelte body, and look and feel fantastic for decades to come.

I’ll be sharing more of my personal story on the call, but I went from being seriously depressed to losing over 50 pounds, conceiving a healthy baby at 41 (after being diagnosed with irreversible infertility) and in love with my life again. If I can do it, you can too! I’ll show you how.

Register right now before you forget:

P.P.S. Please feel free to let your friends know about this teleclass, but be sure to reserve your spot here first! http://www.dranna.flightless.us/feel-fabulous

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