Re-thinking your cervix: pain, orgasms and more

Today I want to start a conversation on a topic that you won’t often hear about, and that is about connecting more positively with your cervix.

Meet today’s Couch Talk guest, Olivia Bryant

On today’s Couch Talk I interview Olivia Bryant, founder of Self:Cervix, a global project that aims to educate women on how to heal their cervix for more pleasure, deeper orgasms and easier childbirths. To date over 2500 women have taken part in her project.

Prior to starting Self:Cervix Olivia worked as a sexologist and coach.

I recently met Olivia when she interviewed me on her podcast on the topic of how to have a more empowered menopause… and I absolutely loved her mission to help women with what has been a somewhat taboo and hidden subject – and that is a woman’s cervix and how it is so much more than just the point of attachment between the uterus and vagina.

Olivia is opening up this type of communication worldwide and is really helping  a lot of women. In many cases she is helping women figure out what is causing their pain, lack of libido and lack of orgasms. And with others she is opening up a new sexual awareness and awakening.

What IS the cervix?

The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that is within the vagina. It is the opening to the womb. Here is a photo (courtesy WebMD) of the cervix for an anatomical reference.Cervix

During a woman’s pap smear a sample of cells are taken from the cervix and examined for signs of cancer or other issues.

The cervix can also be a gateway to both pain and orgasm.

And that is the focus of today’s Couch Talk.

In today’s Couch Talk interview you will learn

  • Why some woman have a numb cervix (and what that is and why it matters!)
  • Why many women don’t have a cervical orgasm
  • What “armoring” is, and why it can interfere with orgasm as well as cause issues when having a pap smear or even using tampons or contraceptives
  • What the role of the vagus nerve is and how you can actually rewire your neural pathways
  • Why being able to relax your vaginal tissue is so important
  • How the state of your cervix and armoring can play a role in ease of childbirth
  • Why it is important to drop the perfectionism of sex

I hope you enjoy the interview! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions by commenting  below.

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5 thoughts on “Re-thinking your cervix: pain, orgasms and more

  1. What about us women who have had a hysterectomy? My doctor told me it would not interfere with my orgasms, but as you know it did!! And I’m wondering is there anything I can do to improve it.

    1. hi Bambi,

      I get your question a lot and am thinking I need to make a video on the topic…thanks for asking it. I typically recommend taking my Eve quiz, adding Purabalance cream, Julva, MightyMaca and taking my Sexual CPR course for starters. You can access the Eve quiz at It only takes a few minutes and will give you some info on your overall pelvic health as a starting point. You’ll also start getting some educational emails when you take that, which you may find helpful. They are all relating to vaginal and pelvic health. I offer a money back guarantee on Julva and would be interested in hearing how that works for you. Please let me know if you try it.

  2. Dr Anna
    This was so informative thank you
    I am so wanting to have the best sex of my life and I was so grateful to hear I am not alone
    How do I tell my husband that this might be a problem for me? I

    Thank you

    1. That’s a great question. Begin by reminding him how much you love him and that you would like very much to experience more pleasure with him. Share what you have learned and that you would like to try this new physically awakening process of patience and permissions…
      Please let us know how he responds or what works for you. I welcome other wise women from my community to weigh in here as well.
      I also asked Olivia to respond, and here is her message to you:

      Hi Linda,
      I’m so glad you are inspired. You can have incredible sex.
      I’m going to assume that since you are married there is trust in your relationship. Having amazing sex requires trusting that it’s ok to ask for what you want. To ask for what you want you have to KNOW what you want. So great sex begins with your own exploration of your body and desires. When you know what you want, opening the door to conversations with your partner outside the bedroom first can be a really beautiful and intimate experience. however it’s important that you don’t go to your husband framing it as a ‘problem’ this will only you both on the back foot.

      This is an opportunity to grow together rather than a problem that has to be fixed.

      There is a wonderful game called the 3 minute game where you each have three minutes to ask for the touch you want or give to your partner. This is by Betty Martin and she has put it up on youtube. It’s a great place to begin communicating and opening up possibilities.

      I hope that gives you a good place to start.

      Best wishes,

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