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Dr. Anna Cabeca brings an extraordinary level of academic expertise, passion and compassion to the art and science of medicine. The field of women’s health is truly blessed by Anna’s gifts.

David Perlmutter, MD New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of "Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers"

Dr. Cabeca is an inspiration as a doctor, mother and advocate for women's health. And I love her Might Maca Greens - in fact, I add it to my daily green smoothie breakfast. I am a stickler when it comes to purity, and I feel great knowing that I'm getting superior quality superfoods without any added ingredients or fillers and heavy metal tested! Thank you to Dr. Cabeca for all of this!

Stephanie Berg

Beyond exhausted is how I felt after 9 years as a caregiver to my parents. I felt disconnected from the outside world, isolated, and run down. Dr. Cabeca was compassionate and kind, and started a program for me immediately. Two and a half years later, I feel energized, alive, connected with people again, living life instead of existing! Dr. Cabeca, you are my earthly angel!

Sharon Morris

Thank you again, for diminishing/eliminating PMS symptoms, reducing monthly heavy bleeding from 5 days to 1 day (so far), removing the need for progesterone 10 days per month, and returning the true me to my family! WOW!! All in three months!

Janet R.

I use Dr. Anna's Mighty Maca is because she's combined maca with many other minerals and health-amplifying nutrients she's studied over the years. (She also happens to be the doctor who saved my life in 2013!) My approach to life is this: If I'm going to use a product, I'd rather have the one with the most health amplifying properties I can find - and trust!

Krisstina Wise

I am so grateful to Dr. Cabeca, her detox/weight loss program and her amazing staff. I always leave Dr. Cabeca’s office feeling more motivated and excited than when I go in. I have my life back and my children have their mother back.


Since taking up the Dr. Cabeca lifestyle of Restorative Health, my mental and emotional clarity has been amazing. Dr. Cabeca, I cannot thank you enough. You have truly healed me.

Dr. Carlene H. Taylor

Dr. Cabeca was the first person who gave me hope that it was possible. I was healed from my pain, and low and behold, I became pregnant with Jaxon. Thank you, Dr. Cabeca! Here’s to being fabulous in your 40s.


"I love the new Mighty Maca! It tastes even better and I have great energy for my patients!"

Dr. Susanne Bennett

Wooohooo, I have to share!! I got the results from my doctor for the blood work they did last week, and I don't have to take any more cholesterol medicine!!

Barbara Hanzalik

I began using Mighty Maca in February, 2016, after I had ablation surgery to help with uterine fibroid. I began having menopausal symptoms almost immediately after surgery, as I am 52 and have only had one ovary since 1996 due to ectopic pregnancies.  I began having apx 15-20 hot flashes a day as well as night sweats.  A friend told me about using Mighty Maca for her hot flashes, and gave me a container to try.  I was AMAZED!!  My hot flashes ceased after just one week, and after 7 months, I STILL haven’t had one!! I have so much energy and my mood has stabilized – I feel better than I have in years!  I recommend Mighty Maca to ALL my friends and I know that many of them have tried it and love it!  I just started using the skin care on your website and the DHEA and I can’t wait to see the results of those products as well!

Blessings to you for creating this wonderful product!!

Kim McCloud

I like to drink it about an hour after breakfast. This way I know I'll get a vavoom in the afternoon.  I was seriously beginning to think the rest of my life would be plagued with a relentless desire to take a nap at 2:30pm everyday. My body was screaming let me SLEEEEP! Now I have tons of energy through the whole day. Folks have been noticing that I sing more often and asked "Are you ok?" I said "oh yea baby that Maca stuff is on point!"

Mitzi Sinnot

I love the free mixer I got in the mail last week. I can now more easily take my MM on the go with 2 full scoops & Apple cider vinegar to the grocery store, swim lessons, and more. ;) I've had people ask me, "WHAT are YOU drinking? Does that taste good?" Yes it does ;).

Courtney Barras

The first thing that comes to mind about my taking Mighty Maca on a daily basis (along with ~ 1 TBSP of apple cider vinegar) is that I haven't gotten sick since I started drinking it!  No sick days for me!  :-)  Also, my allergies aren't nearly as bad as in years past.  Typically I tended to resort to antihistamines and such for allergies, but I totally steared clear of the loratadine and Sudafed this year.  The only thing I've taken is Nasacort, a localized nasal spray steroid for my sinuses, and that seems to keep everything settled.

I really appreciate your desire to spread the good word and genuinely shepherd your flock to good health!  Gradually I'm making progress, and I'm grateful for your trusted advice and support.

Joan Miller

Before I started using the product my cycle was out of control. Extremely heavy periods, 22 days on, 5 days off and then another 15 days on again, fatigue, migraines.


I have been using Mighty Maca Greens as part of my training program. During the competition season I have at least 2 scoops in my morning smoothie and another 1-2 scoops throughout the day. It really helps keep me balanced.

Karen Bristing Three Day Eventer (age 53)

Thank you so much! Here’s me enjoying my daily dose. LOVE this stuff!

Feel free to use pics in any way you like— I definitely want to sell this on my website once we get everything revised..

I thank you TREMENDOUSLY for all you’ve done.

Jonny Bowden

Jamy noticed big improvement adding Mighty Maca to her work outs!

She tried other "workout formulas" but they made her nervous, broke her out, or didn't do anything. Adding Mighty Maca Greens improved her energy and results, not to mention attitude!

Jamy Casiano

Energy. That’s one of the biggest cravings we modern women (and men) report – we want more vitality! And we DON’T want to be caffeine addicts to get it.

I’ll be 40 in a few days, and lasting energy is a big goal for me – that means I get 7-9 hours of sleep, don’t drink much caffeine, and move every day.

But sometimes I need more, especially when I’m traveling, creating a new program, or just being a full-time mom.

One of the best food-based supplements for energy that I’ve found is Mighty Maca!

Alex Jamieson

The Mighty Maca has helped so much with my energy level! Immediately after taking it, I had a real burst of energy! I try to do a shot mid-afternoon to get me through that time when I was feeling drained and like I needed a nap. It has helped regulate my digestive tract and has worked wonders for regulating my bowel movements, which have been an issue for me for years.

Nancy Reynolds

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