Off the Couch & Living Again!


Dear Dr. Cabeca,

It’s hard to explain how much change has happened in my life over the past 1 ½ years.  In 2004/2005, I found out I had breast cancer; things went downhill from there.  First came my lumpectomy and then six months of chemo and radiation treatment, afterwards, I was informed I was now one of the “breast cancer survivors”.   On the contrary, I felt much like life was over.  I had absolutely no energy and my stress level was at a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10).  After another six months had passed, I started hemorrhaging and had to have a hysterectomy.  Another year passed me by; I began to wonder if life would ever get better.  The oncologist kept telling me that I would recover and my energy would return; after about three years, I stopped keeping my appointments with him as I had given up.  With no energy and not able to exercise, I gained a tremendous amount of weight.  Being so overweight, having knees that were killing me, and a body that ached just from standing up, I could barely manage the normal day to day activities of cooking and house cleaning.  Cleaning the house had to be done in small ten minute chores…clean for 10 minutes and rest for 10-15 minutes.  I would also like to mention that I was having panic attacks frequently (like every few days); these panic attacks were actually what prompted me make my first appointment with you.

I have now been coming to see you for 1 ½ years–January 27th, 2011 was my first appointment.  Some of the results of my first lab tests showed that my body was consumed with yeast, I had a severe bacterial infection in my gut, my blood sugar was up, my cholesterol was high, there was practically no vitamin D in my body, and my potassium level was extremely high.  Impressive, huh?  Basically if the level was supposed to be low, it was high; if the level was supposed to be high, it was low.  In short, I was a train wreck just waiting to derail.

My knees quit hurting just days after you started me on vitamins and the Candida diet (gluten free and sugar free).  So far I have lost a little over 100 pounds; I intend to attain my goal weight which is only 40 – 45 pounds away.  My blood sugar and vitamin D levels are normal; my cholesterol levels are close to where they need to be.  As I look back now it is amazing that what I was eating was actually poisoning me.

I started back walking about 8-9 months ago.  At first I’d walk ½ mile and gradually built up to 2 miles a day.  This past Christmas (2011) my husband bought me a bike–Yep, A BICYCLE!  My first ride was about 8 miles and on mainly flat terrain–my average speed was 9.75 mph.  This past Sunday I completed a 43 mile ride with a 16.1 mph average–and yes, there were lots of hills.  I’m not a Lance Armstrong by any means, but I am working towards my first century (100 mile) ride soon.  Also, you should know that on March 23, 2012, I managed to hike the Chimney Tops outside of Gatlinburg, TN.  Then on June 23, 2012, my husband bought me a backpack and sleeping bag.  My first real hike (with a backpack!):  June 24th, 2012 — close to Dahlonega, GA–we hiked Blood Mountain which is a section of the Appalachian Trail.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to hike from GA to Maine in a few years.

I would like for you to know, I am so glad to be “off the couch” & living again.  Two small words:  (but I mean them from the bottom of my heart) THANK  YOU!!!

M. A. Smith
July 11, 2012

P.S.  From my husband:  “Thanks for giving me my wife back…”  (He says with a twinkle in his eye!)

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