Now, I can say I actually live a healthy lifestyle.

I decided to join the Sexy Younger You Transformation program because I just was not getting results anywhere else and trust me, I tried everything. I was determine to find out what was causing these symptoms. I felt like the doctors thought everything was in my head but I knew they were not. I had so many symptoms that I just could not get rid of. It’s been years since I had a decent night sleep, snacking multiple times in the middle of the night, tired but wired, losing my hair, extremely dry skin, huge digestive issues, brain fog, constant headaches plus nonstop fatigue. I would come home from work and just sit in my recliner till bed time, this was going on for months & months. Just by luck, I was listening to a webcast with Dr. Anna and Robin and heard about their program. Trust me, this was a life saver for me. My extra activities for the last 15 years always included bike racing, endurance events and weight lifting. I could not even get enough energy to bike 5 miles now where I use to bike a 100 miles with no problem. My life had changed and I was totally discouraged by this. Mentally and physically I was so done!

Before I started the program, I was a little worried to be honest because I really did not know much about Robin and Dr. Anna but their program met all of my expectations and more. Instantly I started seeing results. Dr. Anna and Robin were totally amazing and their teaching style was so positive. Right away, I felt a connection with both. Between the weekly seminars, private phone consults(we could set up as needed), email and Facebook support, they were with us every step of the way to support and guide us with our healing journey, emotionally and physical.

I always thought I live a healthy lifestyle, it was a surprise to me, I really was not. Now, I can say I actually live a healthy lifestyle. The information that Dr. Anna and Robin provided us was totally informative and interesting. Our weekly 90 minute classes would fly by and we were also given the opportunity to listen at later date too if we missed class. Every subject matter built upon the last so we were not overwhelmed with all the information at once. I loved the beginning of the classes where we they would both check in with everyone on the call individually and give us a chance to ask questions.

I still remember the first night that I finally had a good night sleep, I woke up so refreshed! Plus no more midnight snacking for me. As for my energy, it is flowing out of me with no wired feeling. No more brain fog or headaches, no more digestive issues, my hair is growing back and my skin is glowing. Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I slip up and add something into my eating that I should not have and symptoms start appearing but this program has taught me how to get back on track immediately. The most important tool that I learned is how to listen to my body and the clues that if offers. Our journey just was not about the physical issues going on with our body, our emotional well-being was also addressed through journaling and many other techniques I have never hear of.

This program has given me my life back. Thank you Robin and Dr. Anna!

Lisa Perkins

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