It’s My Birthday! Let’s Pop the Cork on My Gift to You…

My mom always made celebrating our birthdays so special!

She emphasized that we should always celebrate LIFE, LOVE, and the GIFTS we bring into this world!

So this year, I said: “How can I show my love and gratitude to all of you in a special way this 49th birthday?”

I thought about that this week while having an early celebratory birthday meal with my friend Cindy (pictured at left).

Cindy is a gorgeous, loving woman, victorious over breast cancer x 14 years till forever, vibrantly living, happily married and cherishing relationships with her grown daughter, husband, friends and community. Life is good!

We were at Del Sur, an Argentine restaurant on St. Simons Island, when I spotted ANNA Champagne! So I bought her a bottle to add to the gift of Mighty Maca I had brought her.

Well, we had the bright idea to mix the two and we had a wonderful & fun bubbly green toast of cheer! Yummmmmmm!

I thought, “What a fun combination… champagne (or sparkling water) and Mighty Maca, together!”

I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to send all of you a bottle of Anna champagne with your next order… but when I researched it, I found out it’s illegal for me to send you alcohol — BUMMER!

So instead, I came up with something else I can do to share my birthday joy with you…

Save 20% on Mighty Maca – AND Get a Free Birthday Canister!

I’m introducing a new Mighty Maca VIP subscriber program, and I’d love for you to be a part of it!

As a VIP subscriber, you’ll:

  • Save 20% on Mighty Maca today
  • Automatically get a new canister every month or 2 months (your choice) – at the same great low price you’ll enjoy on your 1st shipment – no coupon codes needed
  • Never have to remember to stock up (don’t you have enough things to remember to do as it is?)
  • Be able to cancel anytime you want (online, or by emailing or calling me)
  • Occasionally get extra little surprise gifts from me!

Today, that little extra surprise is a special birthday gift…

Become a VIP subscriber by Friday, August 7th 2015, and I’ll send you an extra FREE canister of Mighty Maca!

You could…

  • Share your free Mighty Maca with friends and family
  • Mix it in your champagne
  • Cook with it
  • Take it on your next vacation
  • Or just enjoy a double dose for the next month

However you choose to use your free Mighty Maca, it’ll warm my heart to know that on my birthday, you’re enjoying it AND taking care of your health at the same time.

How to Become a VIP and Get Your Free Mighty Maca – It’s Easy!

It’s easy to subscribe in just a few simple clicks! Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Mighty Maca product page here.
  2. Choose Subscribe and Save, select every month or 2 months, and add to cart.
  3. Checkout on the next page.

That’s it! I’ll ship your first order – and your free extra canister of Mighty Maca (my special birthday gift to you!)

When it’s time for your next canister to ship, you don’t have to do anything – my team will automatically bill you and ship your next canister to you.

I’m planning on having fun with you and the rest of my VIP subscribers in the future – this won’t always mean a free canister of Mighty Maca, but I want to take extra special care of you since you’re helping to support me and my mission of creating a healthier planet for us and our children. So we’re going to have some fun.

Subscribe today to be part of it!

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