Makover Transformation


When our makeover candidate Jamellette D. Casiano began the first day of her rejuvenation program with Dr. Anna Cabeca, she felt as if she had come down with the flu. Dr. Cabeca addressed her symptoms with immune support, which included vitamin injections. After medical consultation, Jamellette went home with protein shakes and Maca to help alkalinize her body’s system. The treatments and products quickly enabled Jamellette to conquer her illness!

Over the next few weeks, utilizing Dr. Cabeca’s detox program, Jamellette was able to rid herself of environmental exposures. Dr. Cabeca calls it, “The best dietary program ever! Our motto is ‘no white, no wheat, no sweet!’” Jamellette was also placed into hormonal therapy with progesterone for her hot flashes. She smiles widely, “I now feel like a new woman on the inside and I’ve learned to eat correctly. I blend my Mighty MACA Greens with strawberries and bananas for a breakfast smoothie—just mix it up and go! I recommend this detox program for women of all ages, for if you eat well, you’ll feel well. It is never too late to learn how to feel better and work with your body.” Jamellette is a wife, mother, grandmother, a police woman and federal chaplain, and child care provider.

She and her husband, Crispy,who is also a federal chaplain, transferred here from Puerto Rico to teach federal chaplaincy courses at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Now retired, the Casianos are happy to call Brunswick home. Together they have seven grown children and nine grandchildren. Married 25 years this month, Jamellette’s renewed health is the ideal anniversary gift


To help her maintain a more youthful outer appearance, Jamellette also enjoyed three facials from Rosana Alvarado in the Golden Isles Medical Spa at Cabeca Health. Using Purigenex noninvasive mask treatments, designed to leave your skin with a healthy and youthful glow, with added Vibraderm, it was quite a relaxing experience. Jamallette proclaims, “After these treatments, and with my new healthier routines, I feel completely different, like Queen Esther from the Bible!” Next we settled in at 3-D Nails and Hair Salon with Master Cosmetologist and Educator, Denise Crieghton and Hair Stylist/ Makeup artist, Dwala Aiken.

For Jamellette’s medium brown wavy hair, Denise designed a softer and more colorful look. She applied a toffee brown color for the lowlights and honey brown for highlights. After a luxurious shampoo, Denise trimmed three inches off Jamellette’s hair and then mastered a modern, flowing, long-layered cut. Blowdrying and an overall flat iron led to some pin-curling, which produced lovely, long strands of curls in Jamellette’s hair. Dwala began the makeup session with a beautiful foundation of facial blending using concealer, blush, above and under eye concealers, steel blue and gray eye shadows, and eye pencil liner in charcoal. She finished her artwork with a gorgeous mauve lipstick. Here’s Jamellette!


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