Why indoors living and cell phones can both be bad for your health!

As always, Dr. Kruse shocked me during our talk about his latest scientific research! We discussed topics far and wide, including:

  • Bluelight toxicity – It’s in our homes and it’s impacting our hormones and energy levels!
  • Sunglasses – Why they are a problem to your health!
  • Flouride water – Why not to drink it, and how it impacts your body’s cell’s ability to make energy!
  • Why water is medicine.
  • Why Dr. Kruse says that, “Cell phones are child abuse”!
  • Why indoor living is a cause of auto-immune disease.

I met Dr. Kruse in 2011, in fact, I actually sought him out after hearing about his research. He speaks his mind, and when we had him as a speaker during season 3 of the Sexy Younger You! global telesummits, people were fascinated with what he had to say.

He was one of the first to biohack how to protect one’s own energy levels and recharge it for optimal health.

Dr. Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He resides in Gulf South close to New Orleans with his family.

He created the Epi-Paleo prescription which emphasizes 5 key concepts that go against conventional thinking.

  • The timing of when you eat is more important than what you eat,
  • Snacking or eating “small meals” every 2-3 hours as commonly advocated by conventional medicine all but guarantees life-long obesity,
  • Anyone can lose massive amounts of weight without ever counting a calorie,
  • Rigorous cardio exercises (like long distance running or chronic cardio routines) leads to stem cell reduction and shaves years off the end of your life, and
  • Eating fats conventional medicine told us to shun is ideal for Optimal Health.

Hold onto your seats for this couch talk! Wild ride!


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3 thoughts on “Why indoors living and cell phones can both be bad for your health!

  1. Dr. Anna, thank you so much for having Dr Kruse on. He is very good. I think you will be able to chunk it down some for us. I’m glad he’s emphasizing women more. I know we are different which is why I’m not loosing weight. I particularly like what he said about Vit D3 supplementation. We need to have the light part included for it to work well. I want to know more about how that effects any Vit D3 that I am taking. As you know there is starting to become a real push for just Vit D3. thank you.

  2. I like doctors who think outside the box and who are unafraid to speak their mind and their beliefs. As a conventional doctor thinking outside the box I know how difficult it can be. Also super interesting topic on which I knew very little about. Def interested to know more!! Will follow him, thanks Dr Anna for introducing him.

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