I Was Sick For 5 Years


I was sick for 5 years, and went from state to state, and doctor to doctor, trying to get to the root of the problem.  The tests results yielded any number of things, including: lyme disease, mono, parasites in the digestive tract, chronic exhaustion, chronic low blood pressure, chronic insomnia, and menopause.  But no solution was ever found.

When I moved to Brunswick,  I was finally referred to Dr. Cabeca.  She immediately put me on pharmaceutical grade supplements and ran lab tests not only for hormones, but also for cortisol, challenge tests, and a Triad test, which had never been run on me.  She was able to diagnose my 5 years of symptoms as being caused by adrenal fatigue.  She directed me to a book, which explained the diagnosis, and I had every symptom to a “T”.  We are now gradually resolving my symptoms with modification of lifestyle and pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Dr. Cabeca looked at my body and symptoms from a  nutritional view point, and that made all the difference in the world.  I have made massive progress.  The adrenal fatigue is not completely gone, but after being under her care for one year, I am infinitely better.  She also put me on  bioavailable hormone replacement therapy, and that too, has made a massive difference.  We are still working on my sleep pattern  but magnesium and melatonin have helped immensely.

I had a multiple layered problem, and she took a multiple layered approach to resolving it–starting with the premise that nutritional health is at the root of virtually everything, and I could not possibly agree more.  She is not one to prescribe lots of drugs when you do not need them, and I could not recommend her and her process highly enough to anyone with any sort of problem.

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