I highly recommend the SYY program

I am sincerely grateful to Robin for the loving kindness and care she has shared with me, my family and friends. Her commitment to nutrition and health is apparent in all that she does.

I first met robin in 2006. My daughter was getting married and I wanted to lose 10 lbs quick. Instead I gained weight! I soon learned I knew very little about diet and exercise. I was a firm believer in exercising hard and eating as little as possible. Then on weekends I would eat anything I want. It never worked but I kept doing it. Over and over again. Robin taught me how to balance a nutritional diet with the right exercise.

I’ve done many programs through Robin – weight loss, cleanses, sleep improvement – they always bring knowledge and ideas that I add into my life. Not all of the information sticks with me of course, just a little here and there. I still keep going back for more every year. For me the most life changing part of working with Robin is the retreats. I have been on six retreats and I’m going again this Spring.

Retreats are amazing – the rest, the food and the release of everyday tension. In just four days I feel so rejuvenated. My life is hectic and full – I’m 58 years old, married, with three grown children, four grandchildren and a business. Since 2011 my family has been involved in an extremely stressful situation. I have been living in New York while separated from most of my family in California. I have never felt such anxiety and pressure. At one point I had been crying everyday for more than two years. I mean everyday. I got back in touch with Robin and did some testing. We found that I was out of hormones! I then joined the SYY program and went on a retreat where I met Dr. Anna. She set me up with bio-identical hormones that had an immediate impact. I stopped crying that day. I would still be crying if I did not reach out to Robin. I’m so grateful.

Every time I go on retreat I find some special place inside me that I never knew about before. In a word Retreat for me means Love. I am still dealing with a high amount of stress, but I’m feeling better than I had before. I highly recommend the SYY program and the excellent guidance of Robin.

In good health (a term I learned from Robin),

Debbie Jacobson

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