I Feel So Much Healthier!


Two years ago my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent extensive chemotherapy and radiation for 8 months.  During those 8 months, I assumed the role of caregiver and all around “super hero.”  Every woman finds out how capable she is when a family member is sick and in crisis.

These past years have taken a toll on me and I have also developed some coping mechanisms that haven’t helped.

One morning this past summer, I had an appointment with Libby Carter for my annual physical exam.  I was simply looking forward to getting the appointment over with, little did I realize how much she would help me.

I talked more freely with Libby than I had in a long time, and she listened attentively to me.  I remember her words, “we’re going to give you a really good exam and find out just what is happening to you.”  These words spoke to my heart, and I knew I was in the right place.  She listened, and she clearly wanted to make me well.  She knows so much.

For four months I have been following all that Libby has recommended.  I take the vitamins she recommended, I focus on my diet, I make sure I get good sleep, and I exercise.  I feel so much healthier.  I am much more relaxed and clear minded.  Making decisions comes so much easier.  GREAT improvements!!

I am sincerely grateful to Libby Carter and truly believe she helped save my life.


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