I Feel 10 Years Younger!


About a year ago I slumped into Dr. Cabeca’s office keeping an appointment with Libby Hayes.  Plantar fasciitis, low back pain, migraines, over weight by some 40 pounds gained in a year, and sleeplessness brought me to the appointment.  My so called ‘chief complaint’ of obesity was not ignored but certainly not given center stage.  After counselling about nutrition, supplements, bio-identical hormone replacement, and the need for various self-help items like drinking water and weight bearing exercise.

These recommended strategies were common sense linked to sound science…and today I am pain free, the diagnosis of osteoporosis is reversed, I’m starting to lose weight –  and I feel like my old self – 10 years younger!  God Bless and Thanks so much for being here.

– P.K.

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