Hypothyroid Mom: From Miscarriage to Empowering Millions

Today on Couch Talk I have a very special guest who has a million followers on Facebook!


My guest is Dana Trentini, also known as the “Hypothyroid Mom”. We will be talking about all things thyroid, including Dana’s own fascinating story relating to her personal healing journey (which continues today)…and she’ll be sharing many insights and pearls relating to thyroid health.

First, a little bit about Dana.

She began her award-winning website, HypothyroidMom.com in 2012. She started her blog to tell her own story about her lifelong impacts from hypothyroidism, including an earlier miscarriage in 2009.

What’s so amazing is that she started her blog just to tell her singular story and to share some personal learnings relating to her miscarriage…and that grew into what the site is today; a means to educate and empower millions of people on all things hypothyroidism.

Dana has been featured on The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic, is widely sought after for interviews and advice, and has written the book, Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease.

I have often recommend Dana’s Facebook page to clients, not only for its educational content on thyroid disease…but frankly, for its humor! We all need that, especially when we are feeling like our bodies (and perhaps the traditional medical system) are working against us!

There is so much we aren’t told about thyroid dangers

Thyroid disease can be silently problematic for a long time before we are “clinically hypothyroid”, so how do you know if your thyroid is the reason for how terrible you feel every day?

Dana talks about the core issue of testing; how needed testing just isn’t done, inside or outside of pregnancy. During pregnancy there is not a universal thyroid screening done. That was really the issue that kick-started Hypothyroid Mom into being. After her miscarriage Dana did a deep dive into the scientific research and found there were a lot of known dangers of her having maternal hypothyroidism during pregnancy. And her doctor hadn’t done any tests even though she had had many thyroid symptoms.

Outside of pregnancy, many doctors still do not focus on comprehensive thyroid testing, and the standard care model is to wait until things worsen and then prescribe medication versus doing preventative interventions like changing diet and lifestyle.

Listen to today’s Couch Talk and you will learn,

  • How statistics show that over half of thyroid patients are undiagnosed! And why that might be so.
  • The importance of knowing your TSH… as well as…
  • The importance of lab tests beyond TSH, including two important antibody tests…
  • And why you can have thyroid disease even with a normal TSH.
  • The number one cause of hypothyroidism.
  • How effective the top-selling thyroid hormone replacement meds are…and why one size doesn’t fit all.
  • How your cholesterol levels can be a symptom of thyroid disease.
  • How candida, mold, metal toxicity and gut issues affect your thyroid.
  • Why it’s important to understand the “why” behind the disease. Why did it develop and/or worsen?
  • What the “good girl” syndrome is and how that affected Dana’s pregnancy.
  • That hypothyroidism in pregnancy can result in miscarriage, ADD/ADHD, deficits in intellectual development in infants and more…
  • And you’ll hear so many jewels from Dana…a great interview!

If you have questions or comments please note them below and we’ll try and get responses from Dana for you.


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One thought on “Hypothyroid Mom: From Miscarriage to Empowering Millions

  1. Celiac/gluten may make antibodies to the thyroid and may also hurt the pituitary so it doesn’t make TSH. Gluten may hurt the stomach/intestines so less nutrients absorb which can cause ADD/ADHD/weight gain/hair loss and much more since cells are not made right in the brain/body. Zn/Se/enough iron/strong probiotic may help T4 change to T3. Antibiotics/GMO/gluten/Lyme and more may hurt the gut lining. Antibiotics can hurt good bacteria/lower Mg/lower the immune system/hurt mitochondria. Gluten may make the liver not work as well to detox. Kidney/gall stones can be due to gluten. Hair tests show good minerals/heavy metals. Heavy metals maybe high and good minerals maybe low due to gluten. Mg may help cramps. B vitamins may help nerves. Post pregnancy depression maybe due to low nutrients since a baby drains vitamins/good oils out of the mom and the mom may already be low due to gluten hurting intestines so less nutrients absorb. Bones need Vit B12 with intrinsic factor and progesterone to help Osteoblasts make bone and minerals….Mg/Ca etc minerals. Birth control pills may block progesterone and cause cancer at menopause. Tests may not work to diagnose Celiac. Cyrex labs may help. Blood tests may not work to show truth about health. Br/Cl/F may block thyroid and cruciferous raw vegetables/soy/flax etc. Meat/dairy/soy/BPA/fat/chemicals/The Pill may make a person estrogen dominant which may block thyroid. Alternative doctors may help thyroid well. Hair tests show iodine levels which maybe low. Progesterone helps the thyroid work and much more. Heavy periods …doctors should know this is low thyroid. Yes….thyroid medicine lowers cholesterol. Vit D3/Vit K2/fish oil/evening primrose oil/Zn/Mg/lecithin/HCl and enzymes with meals/strong probiotic before a meal/coenyzme Q10/rhodiola/Vit C/Vit E/ginkgo/5000mcg of biotin/ B vitamins/Nature’s plus- Source of life multiple and more help me. You can be born Celiac and get mitochondria from the mom. Yes…X rays may hurt. My low thyroid caused clots…Factor V Leiden clotting disordered. They did not check my thyroid when pregnant. I didn’t get thyroid medicine until after two pregnancies in a row that drained nutrients out of me and I was low due to gluten. I did not figure out Celiac until age 50 even though it caused my low thyroid and other suffering/depression. I was given pain medicine for my strong periods..no thyroid checked. Not getting real help except to cover the most recent symptoms allowed my health to collapse. Natural help/Celiac diet etc may help many health issues fast.

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