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Dr. Cabeca,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my recent ovarian cyst. I know my case is mild compared to what you have seen in your office, but this has been a difficult time for me due to my family history; and you’ve been most gracious in relieving my fears.

You see, my mom’s sister was never able to have children, having difficulties with endometriosis and finally a hysterectomy at a young age. My father’s sister had a dermoid ovarian cyst at 25 yrs and suffered numerous complications, also resulting in a total hysterectomy in her 30’s. A few years prior to her hysterectomy, she was told, “If you’re going to have children, now’s the time because soon you won’t be able to.” Both my grandmothers had hysterectomies at a young age, with my maternal grandmother having a cyst the size of a grapefruit.

So, I’ve had a lot of worries, praying that I don’t suffer the way my family has and that I’ll be able to have healthy pregnancies one day. You have been most kind and gentle through this process. I’m in awe at your compassion. I’ve never had a doctor offer a personal number; that gesture alone spoke volumes! Also, you have an amazing nursing staff, especially Sara who is just a doll! I’m so fortunate to have found your practice.

Anyway, I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to help me achieve optimal health. I thank you and pray many blessings your way!

With gratitude,

– LP

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