Five Reasons


1.  Why did you seek out Dr. Cabeca?
I had not felt well for months and this got worse & worse.  I knew that I needed help but just didn’t know what to do.  My regular internist had seen me a few months before and said that I needed to lose weight.  I explained that even though I knew that, I had had numerous episodes where I would work on a major project walking many miles / day & I would GAIN WEIGHT.  Every time – even though I would eat normally during those days….not excessively.  He had no answer or really response.  So, I didn’t think that he could help me!  I heard about Dr. Cabeca from a good friend and then a relative.

2.  What were your specific issues?

  • VERY tired
  • Depressed
  • Abnormally irritable
  • Weight gain
  • Poor sleeping
  • Itching….arms and toes-VERY poor memory….it got scary.

3.  What results have you seen?

  • Lost 40 pounds!!
  • No longer tired
  • Feel MUCH better as far as “depressed” feeling
  • Irritability….drastically reduced
  • Sleeping better
  • Itching….generally gone.  Occasionally, have a flare up but not often.
  • Memory improved.  I still have some issues with this, but not nearly as bad.

4.  How long did it take?

  • Weight loss took about 5 months.  (I do still have more that I want to lose.)  And, it wasn’t easy!  But as I started to feel better and lost some weight it was very encouraging.
  • Feeling of unhappiness, sadness……started feeling better after about 2 months.
  • Irritability…….was better after  a couple of months.  Much better after 3-4 months!!
  • Itching….probably within 2 months gone.
  • Sleeping….. Improved after about 4 months when Dr. Cabeca added a small amount of Estrogen to my regime. Made a BIG difference!
  • Memory…..probably started noticing an improvement after about 2-3 months.

5.  What else can you tell others about Dr. Cabeca?

Dr. Cabeca saved my life!!!  I had felt like I was falling down a tunnel and could not stop it.  It was so great to find someone like her who acknowledged that these were real issues and that there were ways to help.  Of course, the initial battery of blood work told a lot.  But, the BIG THING that changed my life was when she listened to my symptoms that I continued to have after about 4 weeks of being on the Restorative Health program.  She determined that I probably was suffering from Candida and had me start eating based on the Candida food plan.  THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!  Not only did I lose weight and feel better but I started seeing results physically.  When I read articles about the effects of Candida in your system… was ME!!!  Eating healthy meals but always feeling hungry, just among one of the symptoms.  Of course, I also exercised (water aerobics) with my diet plan, but I lost that cellulite in my thighs & buttocks.  My buttocks had ALWAYS been large and that was one of the first things that everyone noticed… got smaller.

Dr. Cabeca is so knowledgeable and very in tuned to her patients! It is so wonderful to find someone like her who has the medical training but also is incorporating all of the wonderful natural/holistic healing methods that are so important.  I am so grateful to her for changing my life!!

– Elaine

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