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julva  3 Special Gifts – Just For You – From Dr. Anna Cabeca

For a more energetic, happy and confidant you…

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Introducing Julva™

The solution women (and their partners!) have been waiting for! Julva™

A scientifically formulated cosmetic cream for the delicate vital tissue of the vulva.

Soothes, repairs and rejuvenates the feminine you.

Do you suffer with,

  • external vulvar thinning and irritation
  • dryness
  • burning and itching
  • painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness
  • vaginal and bladder infections
  • decreased desire, arousal and orgasm
  • embarrassing urine leaks
  • loss of elasticity/tightness/muscle strength within the vagina and urethra
  • lack of enjoyment of intimacy
  • lack of confidence and connectedness with our partner

Then you’ll want to try my new Julva cream…!! Visit Julva.com to learn more!

And enjoy my Mighty Maca™ KetoGreens™ drink… it is the core of an alkalizing lifestyle.

  • Alkalizing and hormone balancing
  • Loaded with 42 natural healing super food ingredients
  • Scientifically designed (by me!) to restore youthful energy
  • Certified gluten free; No GMOs, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free…just the good stuff!
  • Visit mightymaca.com to learn more!

womanincarAnd Last But Not Least…my Purabalance PPR Cream is a beautiful formulation of bio-available Progesterone and Pregnenolone, the “mother of all hormones.”  Formulated for maximum absorption; it has a clean feel with a natural base of all non-GMO ingredients and high quality USP progesterone and USP pregnenolone.

  • Supports hormone balance…with protective and health-promoting properties
  • Improves sleep and your stress response
  • Promotes a balanced mood (my family is appreciative of this!)
  • Supports bone metabolism…yeah, strong bones!
  • Bonus: It’s a great anti-aging skin cream!  Apply a bit to your face and neck and you’ll see.
  • Visit my wellness store to learn more!