Dr. Cabeca featured in February Edition of PAISLEY Magazine!

pm_212Meet Linda: Linda Taylor is very sociable. She loves visiting with her best friends and making new friends, too. Now, in retirement, she has begun to feel dragged down. Linda longed for some new vitality to help her feel good on both the inside and outside. She also kept spying the fine lines around her mouth. The perfect makeover candidate for the professional team at Cabeca Health, under the direction of board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Anna Cabeca, Linda would soon be on her way to improving her energy, appearance, and well-being.

The Process: The first step was Dr. Cabeca’s 28-day Detox Program for Linda to rid herself of environmental exposures using an elimination diet, along with protein and supplemental support. Linda was happy to participate and had good results reducing inflammation, brightening her skin, eyes, and her clarity of thinking. At the same time, with the practice’s Dr. Leslie Birdsong, Linda received eight weekly Purigenex, non-invasive mask treatments designed to leave your skin with a healthy and youthful glow. Linda’s 45 minute sessions were relaxing, and the results were fabulous! Coupled with morning and evening prescribed at-home collagen applications, Linda has experienced a reduction of facial discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.

To help navigate her journey to optimal health, Linda is currently seeing Libby Carter, Nurse Practitioner, to help attain her goals of health, wellbeing, and getting on the road to living younger longer. Dr. Cabeca and her staff said it was a wonderful experience working with Linda throughout her rejuvenation process.

Products used in medical spa, age management, and restorative health: Pura D Cleanse Xymogen, Pura D Sustain Xymogen, Pura D Vitamin Packs for Women Xymogen, Thyropath Energetix, Pura Carnitine Designs for Health, Purigenix Mask and serum kit, Dr. Cabeca’s Detoxification Guide and Restorative Health Book by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Rebecca Palmer, Master Cosmetologist from Alma, blended a few strawberry blonde highlights into Linda’s hair, followed by a texturizing razor haircut. After utilizing a few of Rebecca’s signature hair products, Linda was ready to meet Makeup Artist, Stephanie Sinclair Brinson. Stephanie airbrushed on foundation, followed by blended eye shadows in silver, copper, and brown tones. Some eyeliner, mascara, lip color, and lip gloss—the new and improved Linda is here!

Products used in hair and makeup: Rebecca™ Hair Styling Products for Southern Belles and Beaus—Dixie Dust Dry Shampoo and Steel Magnolias Hair Spray. MAC and Jane Iredale cosmetics.

Testimonial Time: “I cannot thank Dr. Cabeca, Dr. Birdsong, and Nurse Libby enough for all their valuable assistance in getting my life back to where it should be! I feel reenergized, I’ve lost five pounds without even trying, and if I lose any more, I will be shouting my happiness from a mountain top! My facial lines have decreased, I have overall better skin tone, and I’m better in everything!” Friend Joy: “Gosh Linda, what have you done? Your face looks great!” Friend Lynda: “You look younger than you did when we first became friends 20 years ago!” Husband Mark “Mmm- hmm, looking good, looking good!” Friend Ski: “Your eyes and face are so beautiful!”

SIMPLY STATED: The Golden Isles Medical Spa, located within the offices at Cabeca Health, is an innovative, preventative medicine facility, where you receive care, healing from the inside out, and the inside in. Their Menu of Services: Nutraceuticals vitamins and nutrition program, world class Cutera laser technology, facials, massage, micro current technology, and skin care products including Obagi, Purigenex, Neove, Epicuren, Thorne, and Latisse. Wishing you a Vida Pura! – Cabeca Health -2712 Parkwood Drive, Brunswick, Georgia, 912-267-7780. www.dranna.flightless.us. www.purigenex.com Many thanks to Stephanie Sinclair Brinson of Saint Acupuncture and Skin, and Rebecca Palmer of The New You for Linda’s fi nishing touches. Many thanks to Ewell Gay of Maggie’s Unique Boutique, St. Simons Island, for Linda’s fashion ensemble. Interested in a makeover? Email your photo and brief explanation to meredith@itsallpink.com

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