Changes started happening quickly.


Cynthia BBefore starting the SYY Transition program, I had at least 80 pounds of weight that would not budge no matter what I did. Eating healthy, exercise, trainer at the gym three times a week for two years.
Nothing worked. My face had become puffy. Fingernails were thin and would split and peel. There were times I would run out energy and it was just gone. I would have to pull myself up by my bootstraps and keep going.
If I got tired, there was also a lack of focus and concentration. I’m sure there are other symptoms I’m not thinking of right now.

Robin Nielson and Dr. Anna Cabeca knew just where to start. They are both very upbeat and caring. They began by having us eliminate foods that often cause problems for people, while taking basic supplements to support
our bodies and help us detoxify. At the same time labs were collected to measure where our bodies really were. They answered the question how was your digestion working? Were your hormones out of balance?
They got a snapshot of the real picture between the tests, questionnaire we had filled out and speaking with us. Both Anna and Robin are ready and willing to listen to you. They brought us step by step to better health.
I have enjoyed learning more about nutrition from Robin. As a nurse, I know the basics, but there is so much more about how everything interacts with everything else I have not known.

On weekly phone calls , we were given a lot of information. Both Dr. Anna and Robin spoke as well as guest speakers. There was a lot of very wonderful information! It really helped bring everything together.
I’m going to listen to it all again. I’m sure I will learn something I didn’t the first time around!

Changes started happening quickly. Sounder sleep and waking more rested. Weaning off coffee without ever getting a headache! I never would have believed that could happen! Over the time of the program,
weight has finally started coming off. Slowly and consistently! The puffiness in my face is disappearing! I am enjoying having the energy to exercise more. Concentration and focus are good! I even had a virus
for a few days that was going around, but did not even feel like my head was fuzzy. This is just the beginning! I feel more balanced.

With the tools Dr. Anna and Robin have given us, this is the beginning. Lots of great changes to come!

Cynthia Bennett

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