The Thyroid Connection

Today’s Couch Talk guest is Amy Myers, M.D.

So delighted to get the opportunity to interview Amy Myers, M.D., author of, “The Thyroid Connection: Why You Feel Tired, Brain-Fogged, and Overweight – and How to Get Your Life Back”.
Did you know that one in eight women suffer from thyroid dysfunction?
During our talk Dr. Myers shares her own personal thyroid and autoimmune journey. She emphasizes the many vital differences between conventional approaches versus the integrative functional approach to therapy and healing. So interesting; …

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Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

On this Couch Talk podcast join Dr. Anna and Ariel Garten, Neuroscientist, as they discuss the benefits of meditation and her company’s tool, Muse™ – the brain sensing headband. Muse has helped thousands of people, including Olympic athletes, CEOs, musicians, and many more – including Dr. Anna – establish a meditation practice that incorporates real-time bio feedback.
Says Dr. Anna,
“I wanted to share Muse with my community because I have always found meditation to be a challenge. Muse, however, has really helped me develop …

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Neurology Meets Gynecology at the Gut Microbiome

I had the great honor to interview one of my favorite people in the world, Dr. David Perlmutter.
He has been my mentor, as well as a mentor for the entire functional medicine community, for more than a decade…and I admit I am somewhat of a “groupie” when it comes to listening to every word of his research, perspective and insights.
Listen to this amazing interview which focuses on the importance of your gut microbiome in keeping you healthy and in keeping your brain …

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Unleashing the Power of Your Brain; the Importance of Resilience in Surviving Trauma, Stress and Fear
I interviewed a good friend and a superstar of neuroscience, Dr. Srini Pillay. You absolutely must listen to this interview, just so excellent and fascinating. He has over 17 years of experience in brain imaging and has an international reputation as a human behavior expert with special emphasis on stress and anxiety.
Srini is a world renowned Harvard Psychiatrist, a brain expert and he is the award winning author of the excellent book, Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear. He …

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The Impact of the Human Stress Response

Dr. Wingo is trained as a Ph.D. scientist and has done extensive research on a topic that I feel really touches just about everyone, and that topic is living with – and surviving the ill effects from – chronic stress.
In her studies Dr. Wingo initially focused on the physiological aspects of stress: what was going on at the genomic level, what was happening within the body’s cells, tissue and organ functioning. She also focused on the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system’s responses …

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Thyroid Health With Dr. Alan Christianson

Dr. Alan Christianson is a dear friend and is an Arizona-based Naturopathic Physician who helps people overcome adrenal and thyroid disorders and achieve lasting fat loss. He authored the New York Times bestselling, Adrenal Reset Diet and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease. Dr. Christianson is the founding physician behind Integrative Health and more information on him can be found at
Dr. Christianson has been in practice for over 2 decades, and has seen so many …

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Could Estrogen Help Save Your Job

Grab Dr. Seibel’s ground-breaking FREE ebook, “Changes during the Change: What to Expect and What to Do About It. “ here.
Dr. Mache (MAYsh) Seibel is a leading authority in women’s wellness and menopause and author of The Estrogen Window from Rodale Press, April 2016.

20 years Harvard Medical Faculty

Division Chief – Reproductive Medicine and Infertility
Director of Fellowship Training Program

Currently Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Gates Foundation – Grand Challenges Explorations Grant Principal Investigator
Media …

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Allocating “attention and intentions” to self-care & family

The wonderful Pedram Shojai is one of the most amazing men that I know.
He is the founder of Well.Org, the editor of BeMore Magazine, the author of several books (including his most recent New York Times Best Seller, The Urban Monk), co-host of the very successful podcast, “The Health Bridge,” the producer and director of the movies, “Vitality” and “Origins”.
Wow…and in his spare time, he it also a Taoist priest, a doctor of Oriental medicine, a kung fu world traveler, a fierce global …

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Why indoors living and cell phones can both be bad for your health!

As always, Dr. Kruse shocked me during our talk about his latest scientific research! We discussed topics far and wide, including:

Bluelight toxicity – It’s in our homes and it’s impacting our hormones and energy levels!
Sunglasses – Why they are a problem to your health!
Flouride water – Why not to drink it, and how it impacts your body’s cell’s ability to make energy!
Why water is medicine.
Why Dr. Kruse says that, “Cell phones are child abuse”!
Why indoor living …

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[True Story] Can you Really lose up to 15 lbs in just 21 days?

Couch Talk with Kellyann Petrucci

A good friend of mine, Dr Kellyann Petrucci discovered something she is calling Liquid Gold… a sort of “Fountain of Youth”. It’s sort of a magical “food”…
Seriously, it is BONE BROTH!
She just wrote a whole book about it… and it will be a best-selling book….
Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet
It’s already getting positive reviews from the press and other nutrition and fitness experts.
I’m recommending that you get the facts about this right away, and here’s …

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