Hypothyroid Mom: From Miscarriage to Empowering Millions

Today on Couch Talk I have a very special guest who has a million followers on Facebook!
My guest is Dana Trentini, also known as the “Hypothyroid Mom”. We will be talking about all things thyroid, including Dana’s own fascinating story relating to her personal healing journey (which continues today)…and she’ll be sharing many insights and pearls relating to thyroid health.
First, a little bit about Dana.
She began her award-winning website, HypothyroidMom.com in 2012. She started her blog to tell her own story …

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What do Cuba, The Tropicana and medicine have in common? Me!

I just returned from Cuba after being invited to speak at a scientific conference there, and I’m so excited to share this adventure with you!   
So, let’s start with the juicy stuff first. The Tropicana!
Pretty much like any girl, I love dancing and music, and lots of colors and authentic culture. Because of this, the Tropicana was definitely on the top of my list of places to see, even understanding it is a major tourist attraction. But I can see why it …

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Live with an Attitude of Gratitude

As we enter the holiday season I wanted to express my own deep gratitude to each of you for your continuing support.
My growing community spans the globe…and is a diverse group of women and men who seek better health, vibrant relationships and greater longevity…and you all challenge me to be my very best each day!
I so appreciate you and do not take your support lightly!
My Daily Gratitude Practice (and a Challenge to You!)
Today a simple video in place of my usual …

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Methylation and Your Health: What You Need to Know

Today I have a very exciting guest on Couch Talk, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.
I’ll tell you more about Dr. Kara in a moment, but want you to know that she is absolutely brilliant…and she will be talking with us today about methylation.
By now, I’m sure you’ve heard conversations – and a good deal of buzz – around the topic of methylation… and even more likely, you are probably a bit confused about what it really is and why it matters to you!
It is …

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More Vibrant and Painfree Intimacy – One Woman’s Story

Today I am talking with a 64 year old woman named Lisa R. about her long-term efforts to feel better “down there”!

She had been vibrant and energetic in most all of the areas of her life, feeling much younger than her years – biking, kayaking, active and enjoying her life – except for her discomfort and pain during intimacy.
She wanted to feel as young there as she did elsewhere in her life.
Lisa shared her story of trying hormones and many …

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Prevention is key to reduce your risk of having breast cancer

All of us know someone who has battled with breast cancer, and many of you likely have done so yourself.
My family has been impacted as well and I know the pain of both the fight and the loss.
Any type of cancer is a terrible disease and it is my sincere hope and prayer that our most brilliant scientists and researchers will soon have a 100% cure!
In the meantime our focus needs to continue to be on maintaining our best health, keeping our …

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Your Vibe, Energy and Life

Robyn Openshaw: Your Vibe, Energy and Life
Today, my very special guest on Couch Talk is Robyn Openshaw.
Robyn is an author of 15 books and is known as the “Green Smoothie Girl”… but she is so much more. Our conversation was fantastic and far-ranging…we talked about her reality TV show gig on the program, “Wife Swap”…oh, my goodness…so interesting and hilarious, too.
But more importantly we talked about the stunning revelation that changed her life and her family’s as well… and that went on …

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Obesity, diabetes and urinary incontinence in women

(It’s not a laughing matter) 
How many times have you been sitting with your girlfriends, giggling over a cell phone photo or hilarious “back in the day” story…
…when one of you says, “Please stop making me laugh, I’m about to pee my pants!”
And then inevitably that makes everyone laugh and you are SO glad you wore a panty-liner that day.
This unintentional little squirt of pee when you laugh, cough or exercise is actually a medical condition referred to as stress incontinence.
But …

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Confused about bio-identical hormones during menopause?

Couch Talk hormones graphic

Controversy and clinical insights into the health effects and breast cancer
Today on Couch Talk I am talking with Dr. Edwin Lee. He is a past Couch Talk guest and one of the best physicians I know.
And we’re talking about one of my favorite topics, the use of bio-identical hormones in the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women.

Dr. Lee believes that the best way to treat hormonal imbalance is by natural bio-identical hormone therapy. Natural hormones are the exact and identical …

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Taking the heat out of hot flashes!

As a gynecologist and women’s sexual health expert I have heard a lot about how impacting hot flashes can be.
They can embarrass you (if you let them!). They can make you uncomfortable. And they can make you feel a little less than the “Hot Mama” you really are!

But hot flashes are a natural part of menopause, and they are the most frequently reported negative symptom women experience during this time (1).  Hot flashes usually show up in our 40’s and 50’s; when …

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