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With all of the changes in my life recently, both great and yet stressful, I am so grateful for you as a community; your prayers, emails, posts and calls, so supportive and inspiring. Thank you again!

My father is living with us now and doing much better. While his care has created change in our household, it has also reminded me how important it is that we sometimes just stop our daily craziness and take a moment to remember what our true priorities are.

What is our true priority when we wake up each day?

To me, the answer to that is family and health.

Through the stress and scheduling changes of the past few weeks, I am also grateful for how I have simplified many things in my life, including the healthy habits, daily routine and supplements that I believe have helped with my resilience.

In my last email, I shared with you adrenal support tips and nutrition recommendations. All so important for you to focus on your health, as well as enabling greater resilience in the face of challenges you may encounter in your life.

Today, I want to invite you to simplify your life and prioritize your health by automatically having your Mighty Maca and anything else you want from our Vida Pura Wellness store shipped monthly or every two months as part of our VIP program.

My VIP program also includes other amazing ways to prioritize your health. One example is a chance to get your important health questions answered – on a LIVE call with me.

For all of our VIP subscribers, I am offering a live Q&A call with me on Wednesday November 11th at 9pm EST/6pm PST exclusively as a VIP bonus gift.

All questions will be answered! 

Typically, an hour private call with me is $600 but for my VIPs this is a free group call. 

And look for other similar opportunities in the future. 

I have received many questions over the past few months of how to fine tune your regimen and also about your and your family’s health. I want to help! Remember, a question you ask may be the very one someone else on the line needs to hear an answer to.

And a question you ask could dramatically help your own family’s health as well.

To further encourage you to prioritize your health, I am also sharing my MightyMaca elixir recipe. Really hard core but gives me an extra boost when I really need it most, see below.

So remember…prioritize your health and simplify your life!

Join my new Mighty Maca VIP subscriber program, I’d love for you to be a part of it…

Mighty Maca has 42 superfood ingredients from around the world designed to work together to improve energy, stamina and vitality by supporting your adrenals, balancing your hormones and fighting inflammation.

Did you know:

  • Mighty Maca is recommended by Doctors to their patients from over 15 specialties?
  • Mighty Maca is in over 30 countries! (This has been in a large part through word of mouth, customers that love it and have been spreading the word!)
  • Johns Hopkins Grad Students choose it as the “Smarter way to energize!”
  • Mighty Maca is the drink of champions!
  • You can save 20% on Mighty Maca – Now and Forever! – By Becoming a VIP
  • JOIN me on a live Q&A group call just for my VIPs!
  • LIVE call info: Wednesday November 11th at 9pm EST/6pm PST (access info will be provided to VIPs)
  • All questions will be answered!

And as a VIP subscriber you will,

  • Automatically get a new canister every month or 2 months (your choice) – at the same great low price (20% off!) you’ll enjoy on your 1st shipment – no coupon codes needed
  • Never have to remember to stock up (don’t you have enough things to remember to do as it is?)
  • Be able to cancel anytime you want (online, or by emailing or calling me)
  • Occasionally get extra little surprise gifts from me!

How to Become a VIP – It’s Easy!

It’s easy to subscribe in just a few simple clicks! Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Mighty Maca product page here.
  2. Choose Subscribe and Save, select every month or 2 months, and add to cart.
  3. Checkout on the next page.

That’s it! I’ll ship your first order right away.

When it’s time for your next canister to ship, you don’t have to do anything – my team will automatically bill you and ship your next canister to you.

And my VIP Subscriber Program is more than just a great deal on Mighty Maca!

I’m planning on having fun with you and the rest of my VIP subscribers in the future. I want to take extra special care of you since you’re helping to support me and my mission of creating a healthier planet for us and our children.

We’re going to have some fun.

Subscribe today to be part of it!

Wishing you a vida pura,

Anna Cabeca, DO​

P.S. Remember, you can save 20% on every order of Mighty Maca by becoming a VIP subscriber. And JOIN our LIVE CALL!

To subscribe, go to this page and subscribe to receive Mighty Maca monthly or bimonthly.

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