After Having Children


My life prior to having children was a very productive, joyful, and active life.  Since having three children I have experienced severe insomnia, as well as depression that only resolved for a few months between my first and second child.  By the time I had my third child my body seemed unable to recover without the aid of prescription anti-depressants.  Yet, even with this medication, I still didn’t feel like myself.  I felt better, but not like my pre-child bearing self.  Over a year ago, while weaning very slowly of off one of the medications I was prescribed, the insomnia came back full force, and so did a depression that was worse than any I had experienced up to that time.  I was determined never to take any drug like that again; the withdrawal from the medication was worse than the original depression, which was bad enough itself. The following months were difficult.  I pushed hard to get through my days, wondering if I would ever feel like myself again.

In July of 2008, God saw fit to move my family to Georgia, where my husband’s calling was clear.  Little did I know, he would meet me here too with an answer to 8 years of prayer for healing.  I saw Dr. Cabeca in May of 2009 for the first time.  She immediately started me on her detox program and placed me on some supplements.  She also found some cysts on my ovaries, a likely relationship to  how I had felt since 2001.  For the first time in 8 years, since being on Dr. Cabeca’s protocol, I can honestly say I feel like my pre-child bearing self again.  The thought of exercising is again a pleasure and not a chore.  Finishing thoughts and making decisions comes easy.  The thought of going up the stairs for the socks I forgot to get is not the burden it once was.  And ultimately, I am sleeping like a normal person.  I fall asleep quickly and am able to return to sleep with ease.  Surely, God has answered my prayers, and brought healing to my body thru Dr. Cabeca’s vast knowledge and experience with the workings of a woman’s body. Surely I have seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.(ref Ps 27)  I couldn’t be more thankful.

– Jen

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