After Breast Cancer Treatment


I am currently 42 years old.  At age 39 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.  Since then I have been experiencing fatigue, anxiety, decreased libido and symptoms of ADD.  Not to mention feeling the black cloud of “I had cancer and I don’t want it to come back”.

I learned of Dr. Cabeca through my plastic surgeon and am so glad I came to see her.  She listened to me describe my symptoms and spoke of my wellness and body as a whole.  She checked many labs and was able to easily explain the symptoms I was experiencing based on the results.  She was able to prescribe specific supplements my body was deficient in and she seemed to bring balance to my body like a scale.  Seeing Dr. Cabeca and learning from all that she has done for me has made an unbelievable difference in my life, even in my marriage, because I am so much more even keeled.  I no longer need to take medicine for ADD and my libido is really good.

I do believe in prayer and that God lead me to Dr. Cabeca.  I just know how very much she has helped me and that she can help many, many others.


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