Meet Dr. Anna Cabeca

Have you ever heard the phrase “I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

I have been there myself. I was told by fellow doctors that I would just have to live with symptoms like depression, fatigue, hormone imbalance, weight gain and chronic pain. That was no way to live.

Despite being a double board-certified Ob-Gyn and Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine expert, I was unable to help myself. Desperate and willing to take drastic measures to reclaim my health and the vitality of my relationships, I embarked on a trip around the world in search of ANYTHING that could help me.

What I discovered in my travels has utterly changed my life, and it can change yours too.

I have lectured internationally, presented seminars, written a book and been featured on NBC and in the Huffington Post, sharing the stories of women whose lives have been transformed like mine has been. It’s been my privilege to walk alongside these courageous women who are taking action to reclaim their health.

You can rediscover your own health, too. It’s not too late.

The answers I’ve found through my own health struggles (and health victories!) can work for you, too. Thousands of women have found success:

  • Regaining the energy and vitality of their youth without prescription drugs using my Women’s Restorative Health approach and the 7 Keys to Optimal Health and my recently created Magic Menopause program
  • Restoring a satisfying sexual relationship when they learn my strategies for reclaiming intimacy, reconnecting with their partners and revitalizing their sex lives through Women’s Sexual CPR
  • Journeying toward total health and wellness with the amazing Mighty Maca products I’ve developed from the powerful Peruvian Maca root and other all-natural ingredients from around the globe
  • Nourishing the feminine delicate parts that do need loving attention with
  • Learning how to take back control of their health and relationships with the instant availability of these life-changing solutions in my CouchTalk podcasts

Once I started to implement these solutions in my own life, my health began to drastically improve.

My hormones leveled, the weight dropped off, the fog of depression lifted, and I was even able to conceive a child after doctors told me I was already beginning menopause. As a doctor, I knew these solutions could impact thousands of women just like me.

I love hearing how people like you have changed their relationships and lives using what they’ve learned from me:

Dr. Cabeca is an inspiration as a doctor, mother and advocate for women's health. And I love her Might Maca Greens - in fact, I add it to my daily green smoothie breakfast. I am a stickler when it comes to purity, and I feel great knowing that I'm getting superior quality superfoods without any added ingredients or fillers and heavy metal tested! Thank you to Dr. Cabeca for all of this!

Stephanie Berg

Beyond exhausted is how I felt after 9 years as a caregiver to my parents. I felt disconnected from the outside world, isolated, and run down. Dr. Cabeca was compassionate and kind, and started a program for me immediately. Two and a half years later, I feel energized, alive, connected with people again, living life instead of existing! Dr. Cabeca, you are my earthly angel!

Sharon Morris

Like these women, YOUR story can end differently!

You don’t have to live with being “sick and tired” any longer. You don’t have to travel the globe to find the answers.

We are all “Designed to Connect and Connected by Design.” My goal is to help YOU reclaim your health, so you can do what you are designed to do… CONNECT with the important people in your life.

I am Dr. Anna Cabeca, and I’m here to help. Let’s get started today.

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*Dr. Anna retired her clinical practice in 2013.