A Healthier Me


I am a 20 year old college student from Brunswick Georgia.

I first heard of Dr. Cabecas products from my mother who uses the Mighty Maca and the Detox shake. This summer I decided to stay home and work. Every day i would come home from work exhausted and mean (as my mother would say). My mother, on the other hand came home energetic (after an 8 hour work day) and annoyingly pleasant. She insisted I try some Mighy Maca or the shake, I was not excited to try them, thinking they had to taste horrible if they were any good. But i needed something to get me going!

I made a smoothie by mixing two scoops of Mighy Maca, One scoop Detox (Pura D cleanse), and One scoop of Restore Creamy Chocolate. Then i added fruit ( my fav being blueberries and rasberries) and some water and ice. The result? AMAZING. I didn’t care if it didnt give me energy at that point, it tasted so good! But it did give me energy, and so much more! I was in a better mood, my tired skin started glowing, My noromally brittle and breakable nails, started growing really fast and strong, I was using the bathroom regularly atleast once a day! (Huge for me since i was very irregular), and I lost 3 lbs! I also suffer from horrible exema and dry skin, and i felt some improvement in the level of itchiness. I was feeling great!

I always thought since I was young and healthy that the way i felt was at its prime, I coudnt possibly feel more alive and healthy than I was now. WRONG, my body just like someone older than I needed a good Detox and the extra energy sure didnt hurt. I would recomend this stuff to any of my friends back in college and I plan on stocking up when school starts back up again.

Thank you CabecaHealth for helping me reach my full health potential!


– SC

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